Talent Booking

Accessing great talent for your live music event is not exactly as easy as it should be. In fact, if you’re new to Event Management, it can be downright difficult. Going direct to large talent agency firms can be expensive and, in many cases, impossible to even get a call back. Frontier Events bridges the gap between YOU and many of your favorite artists. Selecting the RIGHT artist for your event is critical to ensuring a successful and profitable experience.


We know your event is very important to you. That’s why we take each client relationship, big or small, so seriously. 

Event Consulting

Here at Frontier Events, we realize that the music itself is only one critical component of your event. Our mission has always been to make certain that your attendees have the greatest of live music experiences. That, of course, includes many things. Frontier can work with you and your staff on ALL aspects of the event.

  • Seating Layouts

  • Parking Planning

  • Event Security

  • Logistics - Facilities

  • Atmosphere

  • Ticket Sales

  • VIP Access

  • Food and Beverage Planning

  • Sponsorships

  • Show Advertising/branding

  • And much more…

Artist Management

Artist Management is at the very core of Frontier Events. In fact, it’s what created our passion for the Music Industry. Frontier Founder, Rickey Crawford, began his music journey by managing the young careers of multiple growing Nashville artists. His commitment to fair and effective management is what set him apart from the status quo inside the music industry inside of Nashville. We remain committed today to helping aspiring artists gain critical access to the industry without the burden of extremely strict and costly management contracts. After all, our passion is the music. Along that journey, we have learned what works. And yes… also what doesn’t work so well. While every artist’s path can be different and customized specifically to them, we are confident that much of what we have learned and experienced will help you too!

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